Waste King Vs. InSinkErator Best Garbage Disposal Company?

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In a world where we continually dispose solid food waste, garbage disposals have become essentials in the list of machines that help us run smooth, everyday lives. Like every other gadget in our modern era, they come in different shapes and sizes- each with its own advantage. And like every other business, we have the high-fliers in this one too. The two biggest names in the world of Garbage disposals are Waste King and Insinkerator.
It’s always hard to decide when both choices seem equally good. So, here are a few pointers to help determine which is better.

The Factors That Determine a Good Garbage Disposal:

Horsepower :- The more the horsepower of a disposer, the heavier the food it can break down. Though ½ Horsepower machines do well for most cases, if you’re heavy meat eater it’s always good to have a machine of ¾ or 1 hp.
How is it better?
In both cases, this factor holds good as the disposers of equal Horsepower perform equally well.
RPM :- RPM stands for revolutions per minute. In most cases, the higher the RPM, the better the disposal.Waste King Vs. InSinkErator
How is it better?
Waste Kings generally tend to have higher RPMs and hence a better process for disposal.
Warranty :- Good, branded disposals last for about a decade and some even for 11-12 years. But most of them don’t have more than 5-6 years.
How is it better?
InSinkenator offers a 7-year warranty with free service visits on its high-level machines. Waste King offers lifetime corrosion warranty and a limited mechanical warranty. A mechanical warrant entitles you to repair any mechanical working parts in the machine, free of cost until the validity of the warranty.
Ease of Installation :- Garbage disposals with higher Horsepower are usually heavy and may be a two-person job. But some of them can still be installed without calling for the plumber or electrician.
How is it better?
InSinkenator has a quick mount neck which helps in easy installation and replacement. Both of the brands use electrical cords, nowadays, so that way, both of them are easy to run- just put the plug in and switch it on.
Reverse Mode and Safety Covers :- Reverse modes help you get out of jams easily and achieve a smoother finish. Safety covers ensure that the machine doesn’t function until the cover is in its place.
How is it better?
Most of the Waste King models come with a reverse switch and safety covers. Some of the low-priced models of InSinkenator models do not have these features.
Budgets and Customer Satisfaction :-  Garbage disposers have become pretty inexpensive with the increase in their usage. Based on their price range, they can be divided into three categories- low-priced, average-priced, and high-priced.
As customers, people look for garbage disposals that make lesser noise, are kid-friendly and have a larger shelf life.
Which is better?
When it comes to budgeted buying, people seem to prefer Waste King more than InSinkerator. The latter, though acclaimed for its average and high-priced machines, doesn’t seem to be up-to-date with its lower priced models. Waste King’s models irrespective of price seem to appeal greater audiences.
Customer satisfaction is pretty much the same for both brands, though as mentioned before, Waste King enjoys more popularity among budgeted buyers.Must check more information and specification about waste king garbage disposal at http://www.garbagedisposalguides.com/waste-king-garbage-disposal.
Based on the above data, it is safe to say that in the aspects of efficiency, cost, and durability- Waste King seems to be more preferred than InSinkenator. Both brands do, however, share merits on aspects of warranty, horsepower, shelf-life, and quality.